HOA Consultant


Pacifico Engineering regularly consults with Homeowner’s Associations (HOAs), Attorneys and Insurance Companies to assist them in determining the existing and prior conditions of a building, as well as recommend immediate and long-term repairs.


Homeowners Associations

For Homeowner’s Associations, Pacifico Engineering can provide well educated and experienced technical guidance on repairing or renovating existing structures, creating or re-grading roads, sidewalks, drainage and every other engineering challenge your HOA may confront. We take the time to evaluate the existing conditions of every building system and prepare comprehensive reports for immediate and likely future repairs. These inspections, analysis and reports can help your association understand if your current HOA funds are adequate to cover current and future repair and replacement expenses to ensure its continuing solvency. As a member of the National Society of Professional Engineers, we are the qualified consultants to turn to when your community needs expert advice on potential renovations or improvements to your community properties.

Our Homeowners Association, Attorney and Insurance Company services Include:

Building Maintenance and Repair Recommendations

Site Maintenance and Repair Recommendations

Drainage Maintenance and Improvement Recommendations

Forensic Structural Investigations

Code Compliance

Structural Evaluations

Structural Condition Reports

Damage Evaluations

Attorneys and Insurance Companies

For Attorneys, Pacifico Engineering is fully qualified and experienced in performing forensic structural investigations and evaluations. Our comprehensive reports will provide you with expert, objective analysis of the structure, code compliance and damage evaluations to assist you in serving your clients.

Pacifico Engineering engineers are fully licensed, trained and educated in building design for residential, commercial and industrial structures. We specialize in helping attorneys, insurance companies, home owner groups, co-op associations and other development-focused groups evaluate, add to and maintain their buildings and properties.