Inspect Before You Buy or Sell

Before you purchase, or sell, a home, you need to have it inspected by an experienced professional engineer to ensure you know what you’re getting into. Our home inspections can be contracted by buyers or sellers. Home buyers want to know the condition of the building they intend to buy while home sellers want to know what the home buyers’ inspector may uncover, which can ultimately affect the final sale price of the home.

For Buyers

This is a large investment, perhaps the largest of your life, and there are many interconnected parts and pieces that must all work in harmony to keep you safe, secure and comfortable in your home for many years to come. An issue with just one of the hundreds of elements of your new home could ruin your investment and cause large unforeseen expenses and many headaches down the road. You will live with your decision to purchase this home for many, many years to come. The issues uncovered during your Pacifico Engineering Home Inspection could be the difference between happy years lived in comfort and safety or years struggling with “the money pit”.

During your home inspection, you will be given the information on how to control, turn on, turn off, and maintain all the systems in the home.


Any issues or items of concern will be brought to your attention. If a system does not work, is not safe, is nearing the end of its useful life, has been installed or maintained incorrectly, or is just not right, you will know. You are encouraged to ask all the questions you can think of. The engineer’s inspection is the best time to get the information. When the home inspection is over, you will know more about the building than the homeowner!


For Sellers

You want to sell your home quickly, easily and with as few delays as possible. And, of course, you want to get the best price for your home. An engineer’s inspection prior to putting your home up for sale can uncover issues you may not have even known you had, but you can be sure that your home buyer’s inspector will find. When they do, these issues can stop a sale or give the potential buyers a reason to renegotiate with you. They will likely want a reduction in your price or will want you to repair any issues they find prior to closing. Either or both of these options will cost you time and money just when you can least afford it. Having your home inspected prior to potential buyers seeing it affords you the opportunity to make repairs ahead of time and avoid the hassle and expense of renegotiating or repairing at the last minute.

The full service home inspection Pacifico Engineering will provide to you meets the National Academy of Building Inspection Engineers Standards of Practice.


At the completion of Pacifico Engineering’s thorough home inspection, we will provide you with a complete, custom, easy to understand report of our findings, usually within 24-48 business hours, and are happy to discuss any element of the report with you and answer any questions you may have. For information on what is included in your home inspection refer to Inspections.

“Just wanted to let you know I got your message and Bill was extremely happy with your partner. Thank you! He actually got a thousand dollar credit to fix the electrical box. I will keep your card in case anymore come up”


Christine M.,
Westhampton, NY