Structural Design


With decades of experience on Long Island and throughout New York and New Jersey, Pacifico Engineering is your full service engineering firm for complete structural engineering and design services. Our firm specializes in residential and commercial structural engineering. Pacifico Engineering is the company to call if you need any structural evaluation of a new or existing building.


Consult Pacifico Engineering first when you need to evaluate your current structure or plan extensive remodeling. Our experienced, licensed engineers evaluate every structural consideration before recommending the best and most cost-effective ways to create the space and structure you’re looking for in your home or building

Our Structural Design Services Include

Architectural plan reviews

Retro fits

Removing walls

Load bearing wall removal

Foundations, concrete, wood pile, helical pile

Pacifico Engineering provides exceptional, cost-effective engineering services for architects, home and building owners, contractors, homeowners associations, attorneys and insurance companies.